WS Will Soon Relocate To London

World Sailing has made the decision of relocating its head office. It has announced that the headquarters of World Sailing will be shifted from Southampton to central London. The shifting will take place by late summer of 2017. The governing body for the sport has been in the city for the past 20 years.

The president of World Sailing Kim Andersen said,” The decision has been taken in the interest of the organization. World Sailing reviewed many places before finalizing the London. The selection of places was done on the basis of diversity, international level, access to the place, etc. Overall, London is the one that fitted better in all the areas. The movement of head quarter to London will benefit world sailing”

There are 24 staffs, associated with the World Sailing organization and after relocation; all the staff members have to move to new location if they want to keep their jobs. The place has been chosen for relocation after considering many other places.

Some of the places that were considered before finalizing London were Geneva, Winchester, Lausanne, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Scotland was also considered because of it’s close ties to sailing.

The criteria for the selection of location for new head office were:

  • International city.
  • Connectivity / ease of access for stakeholders and members of World Sailing.
  • Ability to hold existing staff.
  • International diversity with multilingual and a high quality employment base.

Although, the authorities are happy with the relocation, saying that the decision has been taken in the favor of sailing sports, however, some of the staff members are still in a dilemma about whether to relocate the place.

On the other hand CEO of World Sailing Andy Hunt forwarded his thanks to all the cities that sent its proposal to host their city as place for the head office of World Sailing.