A rescue mission was launched by the Canadian military on 9th of June to reach to the number of sailing vessels that were in the problem and met with accident after some disturbance in the mid-Atlantic.

The winds of hurricane-strength and high seas disrupted a race that was taking place from Britain to the United States.

According to the defense ministry they were responding to calls that were made for the boats that met with some accident, they put coordinating efforts with rescue centers of marine from the United States, Britain and Portugal to start the rescue drive as early as possible.

This catastrophic accident occurred during the transatlantic two handed and the single handed race organized by the Royal Western Yacht Club’s race. There was the fleet of 21 boats in the race, competing on the course starting from Plymouth and ending at Rhode Island via England to Newport.

The race started on May 29 and it was open for the mono and multihull length between 27 and 60ft.Continue reading

After getting the nominations on the final month of the year 2016, from the public, the Olympic Sailing Committee (OSC) of the United States announced the name of all three winners of the national coaching awards.
The winner of US Sailing’s 2016 National Coach of the Year award is Mike Ingham from Rochester, New York.

The winner of the second award, Development Coach of the Year is Willie McBride from Santa Barbara, California. And the winner of the third award Volunteer Coach of the Year is Peter Becker from Rye, New York.

Every year, the Olympic Sailing Committee recognized the coaches who have made distinguished contributions at the national, international and youth levels of sailing. The awards and recognitions are a part of the Olympic Committee’s (USOC) Coach Recognition Program of United States. Continue reading

World Sailing has made the decision of relocating its head office. It has announced that the headquarters of World Sailing will be shifted from Southampton to central London. The shifting will take place by late summer of 2017. The governing body for the sport has been in the city for the past 20 years.

The president of World Sailing Kim Andersen said,” The decision has been taken in the interest of the organization. World Sailing reviewed many places before finalizing the London. The selection of places was done on the basis of diversity, international level, access to the place, etc. Overall, London is the one that fitted better in all the areas. The movement of head quarter to London will benefit world sailing”

There are 24 staffs, associated with the World Sailing organization and after relocation; all the staff members have to move to new location if they want to keep their jobs. The place has been chosen for relocation after considering many other places.Continue reading

Mathieu Richard and Thierry Douillard, the Frenchmen, will be now starting as the favorite of the team to win the EFG Sailing Arabia –The Tour in 2017. They will be stepping into the shoes of Sidney Gavignet. Douillard will be the skipper of the team and Richard will be taking over as the helmsman.

Douillard has had a wonderful record of late and took the Diam 24 Oman Airports to the fifth place in the Tour De France a la Voile for this year. Gavignet has to sit out of the 2017 race due to the knee injury that has been bothering him for a while. Continue reading

Every year, Rolex recognizes sailors who have done exceptionally well in different national and international championships with the Rolex world sailor award.

In 2016 too, Rolex organized the award ceremony and felicitated extra talented players. Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills champion of Olympics received the Rolex world sailor award for female category.

Both the female sailors won gold in World Cup final for sailing in 2015, silver in World championship in 2015, and two gold for 2016 World cup. There win of different championships made them strong contender of award in the category.

Winning the award in ceremony Clare said “Looking at the list of winners last year and the legends present in the ceremony, we were unexpected that award will be given to us. It is completely overwhelming for both of us.” Adding words state of Clare, Mills added “The basis of the whole campaign was team work. Winning this award is the best way of capping our bond.”Continue reading