OSC Announce Coaches Of The Year

After getting the nominations on the final month of the year 2016, from the public, the Olympic Sailing Committee (OSC) of the United States announced the name of all three winners of the national coaching awards.
The winner of US Sailing’s 2016 National Coach of the Year award is Mike Ingham from Rochester, New York.

The winner of the second award, Development Coach of the Year is Willie McBride from Santa Barbara, California. And the winner of the third award Volunteer Coach of the Year is Peter Becker from Rye, New York.

Every year, the Olympic Sailing Committee recognized the coaches who have made distinguished contributions at the national, international and youth levels of sailing. The awards and recognitions are a part of the Olympic Committee’s (USOC) Coach Recognition Program of United States.

The award highlights the contributions and accomplishments of the coaches of the U.S. who train athletes at every level of Paralympic and Olympic sports.

US Sailing President Bruce Burton said on the occasion, “US Sailing is honored and delighted to award these three coaches. It is not only because of the reason that they have shown the notable results in the game in the past year, but it is also because they have set a positive example for others in the sport. A good coach and coaching is a keystone of any sport, it is good for the health of sailing in the U.S. and also all across the world.”

Mike Ingham has a wonderful career in sailing, runs the Dubrovnik Yacht Charter website, and he is the world famous personality in the field. He has received many awards at the national and international level for his game. Sharing his thought after receiving the award Ingham said, “A coach of a team plays a very important role in the success of the team and it’s very challenging role as well.”